Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is?

What is Distance?
Distance is infinity but easy-countable, eh?
A micro meter was also what called Distance
Distance is what makes you forget your ego,
And avoids us from boreness
DIstance is "s", I think "s" was 'Short'
But my friend says Distance is 's' is Sick!

Where're we?'We' are me+you, arent?
We are at nowhere
We are separated, I'm Me, n You're You
So.., what a stupid rethorical question!

Easier remember, easier forget too.
I'm sick for two months. Remains you.
Then I'll forget you for two months. Hehe, how could it be?

I'm not crying already. I dislike the peanut butter you left.
Nothing is in common, I've forgotten how your figure is.
The way you cry, the way you speak, harassed me.
Men go up by any wishes humanly. So does me.
I wish I were your new g***. You glanced at me every minute, eh?
So I will be sarcastic. TO YOU, because You're the most wanted.
The best happens sincerely in my life.

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