Thursday, September 24, 2009

Voluntary KITTEN

My Mom mostly gives name to a cat depend to how is catty’s looks. Goldy’s named like that because he’s gold, not at all gold, but it’s better than Pooh (from Winnie The Pooh). I prefer to call Goldy as Menyek, he’s meowing like that when his mood blow up “menyeeek...menyek...grrr..trrr” what a creepy catty yaaaay. He’s been in Wiyung market for two months, he bought our family’s domesticity requirement food, I ask goldy to go minutely, but he’ll never walk down throught my homey’s path, he was gone. One week before, here comes to my house a tiny gank of tiny cat. There were three little cats, which the one of them had the same figure with goldy, but it’s smaller. Me grabbing it then threw the cat away from house yard. I didn’t care them wakakak, I thought that I still have Goldy, and he’s better. Now, after goldy’s passing, I know that the tiny cat was the second Goldy. Burn me with remorse! Hoho.
Last day when my self forced to wake up, Goldy came to my room then meowing directly to my ear. Horribly I opened my window and threw Goldy away, he fell down to the ground, me laughing loudly HAHA I WON, then went back to bed again zzzz. Goldy liked to run following me, like a disturbance of walking, every morning Me wif Goldy had a weird jogging, he ran me walking. Goldy was smart cat, like a spy, passed my house in a low posture, pushed the garage door, jumped to the highest window, and anything. He’s funny mannered cat, I missed him deeply aaaah.

You know, pet a street cat is the best way to spend your time. Just wait the cat comes to your door, put tuna fish or any kind of fish is up to you, then feed the cat. Trust me that the cat will come back in the following day. Don’t waste your money for Persia or another expensive cats. Or you’ll loss yours. The street cats were more active and entertaining than the expensive one. They were not lazy, they liked to play everything that made them stay fun. They always knew how to have fun miaawww. Minus beauty only. But no matter, if you wanted to bring them to a cat beauty center. Don’t forget to get controls from professional medical of pet, always do per month was better. Wash your hand after touching your cat, it’s important. Okay, be a hero, take care your cat. And have a lot fun ya!!!!

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