Monday, August 24, 2009



"Hey kamu. Kita pulang sama-sama. Ya?

Kamu takut kehujanan sendirian bukan? Aku ingin bersama kamu, duduk di bangku basah, melihat kamu bau, lalu tertawa mengejek seperti anak TK.
Dan kamu marah juga seperti anak TK. Tidak, kamu marah seperti anak dewasa atau seperti bukan kamu lagi.
Tanpa terima kasih, aku kan sudah membuatmu berani.

...then on the following month
Hey kamu, pegang tanganku. Ayo kita pulang"


An explanation of blog. "This blog is an embryo of what may be a soliloquy, a nonfiction, or something in between. With a bowl of my private insights on spirituality, a pinch of science, a jar of environmental issues, some literature spices, and sacks of simple events from my daily life, this is a naked kitchen where everyone is invited to watch how I juggle with all of the ingredients. When it's done, you're welcome to have a free taste of whatever it is on the serving table. Perhaps, together, we can give it a name"


"Stumble into you, is all I ever do
My memory's hazy
And I'm afraid to be alone

Tear us in two, is all it's gonna do
As the headache fades
This house is no longer our home"

any more opinions guys?

Sunday, August 16, 2009



Section A
Please answer the questions before we go to the main point!

1. What is "DECADENCES OF DISTANCE" in your head?

Decadences of Distance actually was from my favourite band, Ichodagedas (Dochi).
Decadences of distance were several regretable things that could exist if there was no communication in every kind of long distance friendship/relationship/anything. As your friends hate you suddenly and you don't know what makes hurt, or they thought that you're not smart so you could forget them easily but in the other hand you missed them madly, or anyshit like that. That's why you must send at least one message per day to your friends, maybe a bit of "halo?" or anything.

2. Have you been going on that (DECADENCES OF DISTANCE)?

NOT YET (not to mention)

3. If they (friends who is left and angry) say "DON'T BE WIKA'S FRIEND, YOU DON'T NEED WIKA, BUT WE ARE ABSOLUTELY WHAT YOU NEED, GO AWAY FROM WIKA, SHE SMELLS DISGUSTING!" undirectly to your other friend who did goods to you, are you feeling wrong?

Absolutely I am. Rollback the film, you see in March 2009 I made a disimportant problem but it impacted me deeply, just like you were coma in three weeks whereas in the next month you would pass the National Examination. However I could make friend with them again, and they're doing really good. Now, just like repeating what I tell above, I make a problem. Hey, we are a High School student, aren't we? My senior talked big that "you must think before you do", okay did your senior do like mine? Definetely yes. So I just misunderstood that my friend deleted my facebook account unexpectedly. She was angry, and I was not. She is what I am afraid of, but honestly she was a very good friend.

Section B
Fill the blank with word which is up to you!

Yesterday, I saw you updating your ................., okay I was suprised, I ................ my cheek over and over and said weakly 'IS THIS ...........?' because you wrote down your.............fully with my ................., as if that was me whom you thought of everyday. Please, I want you to ................. it. I really dont care with an issue that............ dares..........., or it gets big aim to destroy the other, or any shit like that. I will send you at least................... per day, please....... the same yaaaaaa.............. . If I have a time, I ........... give my big priority We have nothing from each other now, ahhhhhh im hyperbolic. Anybody please help me, actually it was not a terrible problem, but it walked sorrounding my head.


*AM I INSANE? *efek toefl

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'm a social student *LOL