Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greetings from Enzo and Milo

Its ten minutes to ten p.m, i cry. World cries. My entire body was still black and white, but a bit wet and cold. I lied on the black and white paper and wandering a blanket. Im glad that no one gets sick while i am, im enjoying this pain, im enjoying life. Considering how long relatively a thing like me could live. This is my sixth(or seventh, i forgot) year in earth. I had fallen from trees, scrawled by others, slept at people spring bed, had sex, and eaten junior mackarel or tuna. I loved that. Dont you know that i hate those babies, they're not even mine. They make noise. But its all okay, peoples love them, and i will go soon I fell in love with that gilrl, she comes here every afternoon, looking for me. I am sick, doctor said it was FIP, a most deadly virus. The doctor judge that my life is just for one week or less. I will be leaving this family, i cant believe it. I try to move but its sad, i walk like zombie, zig zag, half flying, teribble. I went to the mudd, finding my grave. Next morning, i woke up lying on black n white paper again, im still alive. I heard some good sounds, do you know that all things like me will go to heaven? Im glad. Only thing thats still moving except heart, are my eyes. Waiting for the time. Well, thank you.
Thats it.
Im out :)

Im milo, my mom is yellow. I have two sisters, tiger and ciki. We are three month old. We havent go to school. I swallow a fish bone, but boys dont cry. So i stay cool. I cant eat even if i want to. Tonight i totally cold, i run to the orange house in front of mine, i want play hide and seek. But im too sleepy, Then i dont remember anything next morning, hmmm.. Is there nex morning?

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